Greg Wood G R E G W O O D

Greg is a white human with red hair and glasses

Hello! Welcome! I’m a designer, a musician, and a DJ.

I have spent 16 years shipping digital products, working across the whole UX/UI design spectrum and leading teams.

I’ve worked with music platforms, education charities, founded venture-funded startups, prototyped beer-brewing robots, created online communities and loads more (here’s my CV).

As a designer I enjoy working with complex systems and finding ways to make them feel simple. I also love the more aesthetic side of design; how we communicate with typography and imagery. I believe digital products should be accessible and inclusive, and when possible, fun!

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Most of my artistic output ends up on Pushkins Prefers. It’s an online community of musicians, artists and DJs that I founded in 2018. We create and release music and digital art, host a radio show, publish a zine, throw parties and curate DJ mixes. It’s a psychedelic pixel paradise

psst — we’re also designing a game 👾